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With so many Americans of an advanced age suffering from gum recession and having to make do with dental implants and dentures, there are people who now firmly believe that it is impossible for natural teeth to last a lifetime. Yet this is possible. We have been taking care of Spokane residents teeth for a long time. We are your Spokane Dental Specialists.

General Dentistry

Dr. John and staff can help maintain healthy oral hygiene. With regular maintenance our staff with help you preserve your white smile for years to come.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Is your self esteem in the dumps? If it has anything to do with your smile we are here to give you a life changing result.


We are Spokane Specialists at permantently replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Your friends and family won’t know the difference.

Sedation Dentistry

Do you have a difficult time when it comes to going to the dentist?  Never fear we have your back with our 100% safe Sedation.

Spokane dental services

Eating a balanced diet does not only give our bodies the nutrients they need but also helps our teeth. There are foods that are unhealthy for our bodies and also cause damage to our teeth. To preserve teeth, you need to avoid sugary and acidic foods and beverages. Teeth-friendly foods that you need to make part of your regular diet include those that are rich in calcium as well as those containing vitamins A, C and D.

Dental hygiene needs vary from one individual to the next and it is important to schedule regular dental visits to have a Spokane professional identify your unique needs. With that said the oral hygiene procedures you probably learnt in your childhood should be observed religiously as you advance in age. You should therefore brush your teeth at least twice a day and especially before going to sleep. The production of saliva decreases when we are asleep and this makes the teeth susceptible to attacks from bacterial acids.

Talking of brushing teeth, you have to do it right for it to be effective. Some people brush more than twice or sometimes use the wrong toothbrushes and ineffective toothpastes. Excessive tooth brushing (3 or more times a day) could be detrimental as it could lead to bleeding or receding of the gums.

Protecting your teeth

While sports and games are good for your health, some also put you at risk of getting your teeth broken. When participating in sports such as boxing and football therefore, it’d help to help to wear the appropriate teeth guard.

By keeping yourself informed about your oral health, it is possible for your teeth to last a lifetime. Whenever in doubt about anything to do with your oral health, it helps to visit your dentist to obtain pro help and direction.

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Jane bowdow

Jane bowdow


Jane grew up in Spokane and spends her free time fishing and camping.  She loves the outdoors and is proud to call Spokane her home.

Paula Doe

Paula Doe


Paula has been practicing dentistry since 2002.  When she isn’t busy working she loves to spend her free time with her grandchildren.

 Jason Stewart

Jason Stewart


Jason is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has been working for Best Spokane Dentist for three years. Married with three children.


I've always had a fear of going to the dentist. Spokane Dentist made my trip to the chair a pleasant experience. Let's be honest no trip to the dentist is enjoyable. They went out of their way to make sure I was comforable.


I've always referred to the Dentist as "The house of pain" and terrified even with a simple cleaning. Jason and his staff were the best i've everr dealt with. Thanks for making it easy for me guys.


Observing proper dental hygiene

Your teeth and gums can be damaged when you brush too hard. Conversely, your cleaning will be ineffective when you use a toothbrush whose bristles are already splayed. A nearly-worn out tooth brush cannot be expected to remove plaque and your teeth cleaning efforts could therefore be an exercise in futility.

Tooth brushes (and toothpastes) are your most important weapons in dental care and you must therefore choose them with care. A toothbrush will generally lose its effectiveness after about three months and you should therefore get a replacement if you are to successfully deal with plaque.

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